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Promotions can help you kick your growth into high gear by enabling you to offer promotions to different types of customers. Promotions help you:

  • Grow your business by offering customers different promotions
  • Differentiate your restaurant from others on Grubhub with extra marketing
  • Offer as much or as little as you want; these promos are restaurant-funded
  • Start or stop your promotions at any time

This short guide will help you get started with running both regular promotions and Smart Promotions on Grubhub. To learn more about Grubhub promotions please log in to your Grubhub for Restaurants account and navigate to the Help Section. 

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How to set goals for regular promotions on Grubhub

This article describes how to use regular promotions on Grubhub. To learn about Smart Promotions, click here.

Currently, you can offer five types of promotions via Grubhub for Restaurants based on your business goals:

  • New customer. Attract customers who have never ordered from your restaurant.
  • Past customer. Retain and re-engage with customers who’ve ordered from your restaurant in the past and haven’t ordered since.
  • Happy hour. Provide an offer to all customers that is only available during low-volume hours.
  • Popular times. Take advantage of Grubhub’s busiest hours to attract diners.
  • Encourage large orders. Reward large orders with a discount.

Offers Available

You can now choose between five different promotional offerings:

  • Dollar-off. Offer a fixed amount of money off for new customers, during happy hour or popular times.
  • Percentage off. Choose a fixed percentage off of orders.
  • Free delivery. (Self-Delivery Only) Fund free delivery for each segment.
  • Free menu item. (Large Order Promotions) Allow customers to redeem a free item with their purchase.

Free menu section. (Large Order Promotions) Allow customers to redeem any item from a specified section of your menu with their purchase.

How to add a promotion

  • Log in at
  • From the navigation panel click Promotions.
  • Scroll down to create promotion.
  • Choose between the three promotional types you’d like to offer: new diner, happy hour, popular times or large order.
    • If selecting a happy hour or popular times promotion, select the start and end time as well as the days of the week you would like to offer the discount. (Note: there is a two-hour minimum on-time targeted promotions to ensure customers have enough time to view and use your promotion.)
  • Select the discount you would like to offer for new customer, past customer, happy hour, popular time, or large order:
    • Dollar-off
    • Percentage off
    • Free delivery (Self-delivery only)
  • For large orders, you are able to select additional offers:
    • Free menu item
    • Free menu section
  • Set how long the promotion will be available
    • Ongoing – until you choose an end date
    • Set an end time, based on:
      • Date – the exact date you would like it to end
      • Redemptions – end promotions after a specific amount has been redeemed
  • Review your promotions and hit launch promotions.
  • Your promotion will start being shown to customers immediately.
  • You can create a maximum of 10 promotions at a time.
  • Promotions cannot be used with other discounts or on orders paid in cash, and are subject to all other applicable Grubhub terms and conditions.

You can track how many diners have redeemed the offer directly on the Promotions page.

How to stop a promotion

  • On the promotions page, select the pencil icon
  • Select Stop promotion