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Drive commission-free orders on a site designed for restaurants

Grubhub Direct is a free-to-use site-creation tool designed for restaurants by restaurant people. That’s why every site includes the tools that restaurants need, like built-in ordering and delivery, automatic menu updates and more.

Make your restaurant website truly yours

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  • Direct customer reach

    Download diner data and reach out to those owned customers via email, social or however you decide.

  • 1-to-1 diner relationships

    Use your customer data to better engage your customers and build relationships.

  • Branded customer experience

    Create an online ordering and delivery experience personalized to your restaurant’s needs.

  • Quick and easy management

    Automatically import your menu and restaurant info from your Grubhub settings.

Own your data

Get immediate, automatic access to customer profiles, including contact info, order history, and more.

Image of a computer screen with restaurant customer’s profile data, including contact info, visit details, spend details and transaction history

Launching your Grubhub Direct site is as easy as 1‑2‑3

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We import your menu, photos and logo from Grubhub Marketplace into your Grubhub Direct site so you don’t have to!

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Use our user-friendly site styler to customize your site with the font, colors and header image that best represent your restaurant brand.

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Share your Grubhub Direct site with your customers through social media, your website, or Google My Business.

See how easy our site styler makes it to customize and launch your site

Use your data to run tailored promotions and loyalty programs

Build restaurant loyalty by using your customer data with our marketing tools to target specific customers, email your customers directly or have us automatically email your loyal fans when they’re eligible for promotions or loyalty rewards.


Of the new customers acquired via a promotion, 20% will reorder from that restaurant within six months.*

Drive more commission-free orders by marketing your Grubhub Direct site

No marketing commission on Grubhub Direct orders

Join today! With Grubhub Direct, you pay no setup or monthly hosting fees. Plus, access to customer data, loyalty programs and promotions will always be free. You only pay order processing fees and delivery fees, if applicable.

Make the most of your Grubhub Direct site

Build your brand with online ordering.

Learn best practices to pair your website and an online ordering marketplace to boost your business.

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Build our technology into your existing experience

Already have a branded website or app? Great. We make it easy to add Grubhub capabilities such as ordering, delivery, order tracking, promotions and more with our array of API solutions.

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* Restaurant performance metrics based on 2021 Grubhub data.

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